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How to Drink Cherry Vodka

Many people like to have a drink of vodka on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail, but do not so much like the burn that they will feel while drinking it. They may like a strong drink, but do not like the drink to taste like all it contains is pure alcohol. A great vodka for people like this to try would be cherry vodka. Cherry vodka is a great alternative to plain vodka, as the taste is less harsh and it gives cocktails a sweeter taste and a way to make a delicious variation on the classics.


Unless you like to drink vodka straight or over ice, it is not recommended to drink cherry vodka by itself. When you drink it alone and not in a cocktail, you will be able to taste the tart cherry flavor of the vodka. There is not much of an aftertaste to this type of vodka; rather you will taste it right away. The smell of the vodka might make it seem like it will be much too sweet, but really it is not to syrupy, sugary sweet, instead it is quite tart.


The best way to enjoy cherry vodka is by mixing it into classic cocktails or other drinks. By substituting cherry vodka for plain vodka in many drinks, you will get a new cocktail that you will enjoy possibly even more than the original.


A great cocktail to try using cherry vodka instead of plain vodka in is the Cape Codder, or Vodka Cranberry. Rather than adding plain vodka to your cranberry juice, try adding the cherry vodka to give it a more fruity taste, and mix up your usual drink order. You can also try substituting cherry vodka in a Screwdriver. Mixed with the orange juice, the cherry vodka will give you another way to add a twist to a classic cocktail and give the orange juice an additional fruity taste.

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