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Vodka, Blue Raspberry

More and more vodka companies are experimenting with fun flavors to add to their shelves and liven up cocktails around the nation. Some are fruity flavors while others are a little more savory. Vodka blue raspberry is a flavor that is commonly being made by the vodka distilleries to give people the flavor of raspberry with an added blue coloring to keep drinks fun and flavorful.

The Benefits to Using Vodka Blue Raspberry

Before vodka companies got creative by making the flavors directly into the bottle with the vodka, consumers had to create the flavors. This involved squeezing juices, buying syrups and anything else that would add a boost of flavor. The result was something that was often too sweet because of the added sugar. While it worked for some people, others wanted something a little more pure.


The vodka blue raspberry has all of the flavors directly added into the vodka so that sugar and syrups never have to touch the vodka if people don't want it. You can enjoy raspberries and vodka in one bottle without having to add any other ingredients. This results

in a more pure taste and a much more affordable option because there is no added cost for ingredients.

The blue color in the vodka blue raspberry makes the drinks look a lot more enticing. Whether it's in a martini glass or a rocks glass, no one can resist a blue drink when they are out for a cocktail.

Cocktails with Vodka Blue Raspberry

You will be able to find various brands of vodka that make a vodka blue raspberry. These will range from very common brands that sell regular vodkas to others that specialize in flavored versions of the liquor. You will quickly notice which ones are the raspberry ones because of the bright blue color.

One of the most popular drinks to make with this vodka is the Blue Raspberry Martini. To make it, you will need to get a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Then add 2 shots of vodka blue raspberry and an ounce of lemon juice. Shake it until the outside of the shaker is too cold to hold. You can then strain the contents into a martini glass and serve. If you didn't have the blue raspberry vodka, you would end up using a raspberry syrup for the flavor and blue curacao for the color.


Another popular drink is the Ice Bomb. To make this cocktail you need to add equal parts vodka blue raspberry, orange vodka, regular vodka and lemon lime soda to a glass with ice. You can garnish the glass with an orange slice.


There are many other drinks you can make with the vodka. You can add it straight to club soda, mix it with gelatin for a Jell-O shot or anything else you can imagine. It will be a much more delightful drink than the alternative of artificial colors and flavorings. The true flavor of the raspberries will be prevalent and you can enjoy the taste of the vodka without simple syrups clouding your taste buds.

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