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Smirnoff Green Apple Twist

When you are looking for a very fun, sweet tasting vodka, look no further than Smirnoff Green Apple Twist. The Smirnoff brand has many different "twist" flavors where they have infused their standard vodka with a flavor. The Green apple flavor is by far the most popular because of the unique flavor profile as well as the versatility in the drink.


Bartenders will Use Smirnoff Green Apple Twist

Bartenders will use Smirnoff Green Apple Twist for many reasons. First of all, it's readily available and affordable, which makes it a double-win for restaurants to be able to get their money from it. Smirnoff is commonly used as the house brand of vodka, so a flavored one will fall under the same category. This means that if you happen to like the flavor and your restaurant offers two for one on happy hour, you can enjoy drinks made from Smirnoff Green Apple Twist instead of just regular vodka.


The infused vodkas are more popular because they make the drinks taste better. If there was no Smirnoff Green Apple Twist, bartenders would be forced to create the flavor out of sugary syrups that drown out the flavor of the vodka and taste way too sweet. As a result, these syrups are quickly being phased out and more and more brands of vodka are featuring flavored vodkas that taste like the syrups only better.

Smirfnoff Green Apple Twist in drinks

One of the most common drinks that bartenders will make with the Smirnoff Green Apple Twist is a martini. Depending upon the bartender's recipe, they will either use this as the only vodka or create a mixture of this and a straight vodka to create a very memorable martini.

Butterscotch Schnapps can be added to the vodka to give it a caramel apple flavor as well. This in turn can become a shot or a martini depending upon the patron's choice. It has been added to gelatin for a unique Jell-O shot, too.

Buying Smirnoff Green Apple Twist

This is one of the most popular flavors of all of the vodkas in any brand. Because it is Smirnoff, it also makes it very affordable in comparison with some of the higher end brands. Because it is popular, you will find it almost anywhere.


Commercial liquor stores, local liquor stores and even online stores will carry the Smirnoff Green Apple Twist. You will find it in the same area of the store as all of the other vodkas. If you are shopping in a large store, they may even have the flavored vodkas in a section all on its own. It will be the tall glass bottle with the lime green color and the bottle will have grooved "twist" marks throughout it. If you still are having problems finding it, just ask the clerk because all liquor stores carry it, unless they ran out.

The more that infused vodkas are entering the scene, the more that bartenders and "mixologists" are creating new and unique flavor profiles for some interesting drinks. You can try your own hand at bartending with testing out the Smirnoff Green Apple Twist at home.


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