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Kirsch – Kirschwasser


Kirsch is made from the double distillation of morellos, a dark-colored variety of sour cherries, this German-made beverage is classed as a fruit brandy, a type of drink made from distilling wine made from fruit. Fruit brandies are very popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, however in France and English-speaking countries, they are known as eaux de vie, or Eau-de-vie.


The minimum allowed alcohol by volume level in Europe is set to 37.5%. The full name is Kirschwasser, which means ”Cherry water”, but the full name is rarely used in German- and English-speaking countries where the more common name is simply Kirsch. Although it can be believed that Kirsch might have a sweet taste, it does not, the best Kirsch instead have a very subtle taste of cherries and almond and the drink is used in many drinks such as Lady Finger, Florida Cocktail and Black Forest.


Kirsch is usually served neat, and in most countries it is served as an apéritif, a drink made to stimulate the appetite before a meal, however, in the German-speaking region where the drink was first invented, it is instead often drunk after a meal.


It is believed that Kirsch originates from the Black Forest region of southern Germany because this is where morellos were originally grown. The drink does not have a color because it is not aged in colored or ashed wood, but usually aged in vessels made from clay or paraffin-lined wood barrels.


Kirsch is a major in ingredient in Swiss cheese fondue, a Swiss meal where you dip bits of food in a varied amount of different kinds of melted cheese. The drink is also used as an ingredient in German Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, also known as Black Forest Gateau, and can also be used in the filling of chocolate candy.

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