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The word Brandy comes for the the Dutch word “brandiwijne” literally translated to burnt wine as they called the distillation process. The first brandy was made into a liqueur when wine was distilled, aged, and then served as an after dinner drink. Apple Brandy is a fruit brandy (i.e., made from fermenting fruit other than grapes). Other forms of Brandy are the grape Brandy (made specifically and only from grapes) and the Pomace Brandy made from the pressed grape pulp, skins, and stems that remain after the grapes have been crushed and pressed to extract most of the juice for wine. The most famous of the Apple Brandies comes from Normandy in France. It is called Calvados or as the locals like to call it “el Calvados.”


Normandy is one of the few regions of France that does not have vineyards. That makes this region bad for wineries. The apples however, are the favored crop of the region. Making Apple Brandy is just a natural extension. The region produces hard and sweet cider, which in turn can be processed to make the finest tasting Apple Brandy. In the United States, Apple Brandy is known (perhaps more famously) as Apple Jack. It was the first of many spirits to be produced in the British Colonies. The term Apple Jack derives from “jacking” – a term used in the freeze distillation method. Lairds is the oldest distillery in the United States that manufactures Apple Brandy.


Traditionally, Apple Brandy has been used as a before or after dinner drink. It is well known as a digestive aid, tastes slightly sweet, and has a delicious and crisp flavor to it. There are many ways to consume apple brandy, the best of which is to serve it with ice or as an ingredient mixed with another drink. Apple Brandies can also be used to add flavor to meats when grilling or poured warm on cold / frozen desserts.

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