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Blackberry Brandy

The Healthy Dark Fruit Brandy

Blackberry brandy is famous in the United States as an aperitif and also as a flavoring or sauce for desserts. It goes rather well with pound cakes, ice creams and pies. The brandy is usually made from crushed blackberries which are fermented into a liquor. This fermented liquor is then distilled to make the brandy. It makes for a wonderful beverage that is highly prized for its many medicinal benefits. The brandy is considered to be one of the best home remedies for diarrhea. Intestinal ailments, heartburn, stomach upsets after a really full meal can be swiftly got rid of simply by having some delicious dessert - the Blackberry Brandy.

It's good for you!

Interestingly blackberries are really good antioxidants. The blackberry brandy takes some of that goodness and puts it to good use too. The antioxidants in the brandy help fight free radicals in the body. Heart disease, cancer, strokes are all preventable simply by sipping on this precious and delicious liqueur. In today's times where everything comes with sugar added, the blackberry brandy is one drink that will help lower the blood sugar levels of your body. The benefits of drinking this liqueur do not stop here. Blackberries have a high content of Vitamin C and E. They also contain a rare mineral called Selenium (often depleted due to the overuse of soil in planting and farming). Numerous research reports show that Selenium is a substance that fights many types of cancers (lung, heart, prostrate, colorectal, and skin). 


Blackberry brandy tastes really good with any dessert or even by itself. Its many benefits make it a drink worth having everyday. It is one of the liqueurs that makes the taste buds tingle in anticipation. A long swig of it can cure an upset stomach in seconds. As a daily after dinner drink, it will keep you in good health for a long time. However, when you reach for the glass, remember that old adage - everything in moderation!

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