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Cherry Eau-de-Vie

What is Cherry Eau-de-Vie?

French for “Water of Life,” cherry eau-de-vie is a colorless, clear brandy made with fruit. To produce eau-de-vie, the fruit and alcohol is fermented, and double distilling processes are used. The spirit is aged in casks that are not wooden, hence the clear color. In an eau-de-vie you will find that the flavor of the fruit that it is made with is very subtle, and so it will not overpower the drink.


Most times an eau-de-vie is not aged. The producer will bottle it quickly after the spirit has completed the fermenting and distillation process, so that the bouquet of the fruit that is used will be kept as much as possible. Eau-de-vie is very similar to vodka in the way that it is made. There are also no artificial sweeteners that are added to the spirit, only fresh fruits are used.


Popular as an addition to many dessert recipes, you may find an eau-de-vie as an ingredient in sorbets and fruit sauces, as well as cocktails. An eau-de-vie is best enjoyed chilled and sipped, if you are going to drink it on its own. Many times you can find eau-de-vie on a drink menu as a digestif, or after dinner drink.

Stone fruits are popular to use as flavoring for an eau-de-vie, but berries are also used frequently. Both of these types of fruits have a lot of natural sugars, so they give a hint of sweetness to the spirit. They may also have a high alcohol content, most eaux-de-vie are at least 80 proof.


Cherry eau-de-vie, or Kirschwasswer in German, is one of the most popular types of this delicious spirit. It is made from mashed cherries, or the cherry juice, and no extra sugar or alcohol is needed. If you are looking for a cocktail to try that contains cherry eau-de-vie, you should try a Venetian Sunrise. Fill a glass with ice, pour in one and a half ounces of cherry eau-de-vie, and then fill the rest of the glass with orange juice. Add a splash of Campari to finish it off, and you have a delicious twist on the classic Screwdriver cocktail, which is a perfect cocktail to serve at your next brunch.


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