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Cherry Brandy

How to make your own cherry brandy

Cherry brandy is the delicious liqueur made from the dark red cherries.

This super delicious drink can be made very easily and here is the recipe below that you can follow:


You will need high quality brandy, dark red cherries, sugar

Prepare some glass bottles where you are going to put the ready brandy. Put the freshly gathered cherries that should be not very ripe into the bottle with the right quantity of sugar. According to the one of the recipes, it is advisable to put oz. of pounded sugar to each lb. of cherries. When the bottle is almost full, add brandy to the level just below the cork. You can achieve the amazing flavor by adding a few kernels of apricot. Close the bottles with the pork and put to into dry place. In 2-3 month, you can open the bottle or keep your cherry brandyfor years.


Above mentioned is just one of the cherry brandy recipes, there are many others. Some of them came from 19th century. 


One of the delicious drinks that you can make by using cherry brandy is a cocktail called “Singapore sling.” For making that you will need 40 ml. gin, 20 ml lemon juice, 20 ml cherry brandy , soda. Shake all the ingredients together, put into the glasses. Decorate with the cherry and lemon wedge. The taste of this drink will depend on the brand of the brandy you used. The most popular brands producing cherry brandy are Etter Kirsch Zuger 3 Year EDV, BOLS, Maraska Kirschwasser, Schladerer Kirschwasser,. You can always buy this brandy online as well. The price depends on the brand but you can find even the prices around 10-15 British pounds. That is an amazing price for so delicious kind of drink.

Do not miss an opportunity to try this unique taste. You will not regret it.

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