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Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac

Remy Martin is an established brand specializing in Fine Cognac Champagne. It is named after its founder, a French winemaker who started the company in 1724. Cognac is a brandy made in France's Cognac region. They select the best eau de vie from the two best growth areas of the Cognac region namely the Grand Champagne and the Petite Champagne. Eau de vie is a clear fruit brandy produced by fermentation and double distillation. The fruit flavor is naturally subtle and very light. The brand has since been a pioneer of the best cognac all over the world. This is the company behind the famed Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac.

What is Cru

Cru is a term the French people use to specifically indicate where the grapes are grown. It is used to categorize French wine. Cru can be further classified as Premier Cru and Grand Cru. In English, both terms translate as First Growth and Great Growth. The Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac speaks of great quality. Being classified as Grand Cru implies that the winemaker is highly regarded within the wine community. Winemakers of this caliber are of highly reputable stature with regards to their knowledge and experience in wine.

High standards

Compared to its rival brands, the Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac is in a class of its own. It meets higher standards because the Grand Cru is the only V.S made from 100% Petite Champagne grapes. Since it is aged twice as long as required by law, it has that the superior smoothness, complexity and finish. Due to its Petite Champagne origins, it is versatile enough to be mixed with a wide variety of cocktails and long drinks.


Not all cognacs have the same blend. There is the V.S. which means Very Special. Cognacs cellared for two years fall in this category. V.S.O.P. or Very Superior Old Pale is for beverages wherein the youngest blend is aged for four years. And finally, the X.O and Napoleon titles where the youngest blend is cellared for six years. Quality wise, you will never go wrong with the Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac. It lives up to your every expectation.


Because of the Remy Martin VS Grand Cru Cognac 100% Petite Champagne pedigree, the wine structure is fresh, soft, and smooth. Flavors of lime blossoms, fresh apples, pear, vanilla, bush peach, fresh mint and hints of licorice make up the rich flavor of this exceptional spirit. It has an intense mahogany color with floral and fruity tastes and aroma that make the complexity superb. It gives you a fresh and very flavorful finish. The Grand Cru has a 40% alcohol content. Its versatility makes it ideal for either being consumed straight or as a mixer. Here are some fun and easy drink suggestions you can try:


  • The Bonaparte Cocktail: cognac, orange liqueur, brandy snifter
  • Sidecar: cognac, orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, sugar, cocktail glass
  • Autumn in New York: cognac, Zima
  • Purple Passion #2: cognac, Hpnotiq Liqueur, Alize Red Passion Liqueur

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