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Poire William

The secret of unique taste of Poire William


The Poire William is a sweet pear flavored liqueur, usually served after dinner meal. Poire means “pear” in French. This liqueur is sweet and fruity; it goes perfectly with grapes and cheese as well.

The main ingredient for this liqueur is a selection of William’s pears that have been grown in the valleys of Rhone and Ardeche.

This drink can be enjoyed separately or be the base of the cocktail. Try to make the following cocktail with the Gabriele Boudler Poire William:


Mix 1/2 shot Boudier Liqueur de Poire William, 1/2 pear, chopped up Champagne Shake pear brandy and pear in a shaker with ice, and pull into a Champagne flute. Add Champagne to fill. The taste of this cocktail is just amazing.


The majority of the companies especially in France sell the bottle of the Poire William with the whole pear inside the bottle. It is more expensive, but if you are the first time buyer and never tried the liqueur before, I will recommend you buy this version. The price can be around 40 euros, that is not cheap, I agree. However, it worth this really and you can buy them online on a cheaper price, besides there is a lot of information available online about the product that you can check out before buying.


It is good to know that Poire William is the only liqueur maker in France to be awarded the ISO 9002. That is the 100 % guaranty of the quality. Percentage of alcohol in this drink is 30 %.

The main production is taking place in the heart of Dijon, is a modern plant with its own production, bottling and distribution facility and a perfect, first class laboratory.


The Poire William has unforgettable taste that will stay for you for a long time after trying this unique drink.


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