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Cherry Liqueur

Liqueur cocktails for the cherry lover!


Cherry liqueur cocktails are extremely popular among both men and women. There are dozens of recipes and drinks out there for the true cherry lover to test out next time they go out for a drink. The cocktail you choose will ultimately depend on your person taste but below are a few of the popular choices. Most of these can be made at your local bar or nightclub so you can be ensured they are available.


A Cherry Fizz is delicious for the brandy lover. The drink consists of two ounces of cherry brandy, carbonated water, a cherry and the juice from a half of a lemon. The brandy cherry liqueur is very smooth and really makes the cherry pop in your mouth. Cupid’s Cocktail is a popular drink during Valentines Day and some people drinks them all year round! One ounce of Heering Cherry liqueur, one ounce of peach schnapps, and four ounces of orange juice will give your taste buds a real treat. It is a very uplifting drink but it can be potent so don’t drink too many too fast.


If you are looking for a cherry cocktail that is unique and delicious the Happy Youth is your best bet. The drink is three ounces of champagne, one ounce of sugar, a teaspoon of orange juice and one ounce of your proffered cherry brandy. You wouldn’t think that brand and champagne would compliment each other so well but it is a great drink to try out. You can find thousands of other cherry cocktail recipes and ideas online. Some of them will even walk you through the steps on how to make them yourself at home. As always, remember to drink responsibly and to responsibly bartend as well. Whether it is at a home party or as your occupation.

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