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Carolans Irish Creme

Carolans Irish Crème is one of the more popular cream liqueurs that use Irish whiskey and Irish spirits as a base. The main components of the Carolans Irish Crème are cream (which is almost 42% of the whole concoction), mead-wine and honey. This particular whiskey based bled has a deep milky brown consistency and is sweet in taste owing to its mead-wine and honey flavoring.


Carolans Irish Crème is a popular Irish cream in the United Kingdom. It has alcohol content between 15 and 20% and is served as a beverage on its own, usually chilled. The Carolans Irish Crème was launched in the later part of the 70’s decade and has enjoyed considerable business since then owing to its never changing quality – the taste of Carolans Irish Crème today is the same as it was at its inception and this is a particularly appealing attribute for a connoisseur or Irish creams.


Carolans Irish Crème goes through four stages before the actual product is ready to sell:


  1. Blending: Dairy cream is mixed with a blend of Irish whiskey and a neutral spirit.
  2. Mixing: Water, stabilizers and more cream are then added to this blend and mixed at high temperatures in stainless steel tanks. Stabilizers are used as preservatives to ensure that the cream does not curdle.
  3. Binding: The cream mixture is then fed to a homogenizer to ensure that the curd and whey of the mixture are not separated.
  4. Bottling: This mixture is then cooled and bottled, ready to be sent to the sale point.


A few popular drinks that Carolans Irish Crème is an essential part of are:


-       Banana Mudslide

-       Hand Job

-       Irish Trinity

-       Theater Coffee

-       Werthers Original

-       Chocolate Cappuccino


Carolans Irish Crème has been awarded international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000.

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