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Apricot Liqueur

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There are many ways to enjoy apricot liqueur. The liqueur can be served before a meal, after meals as a digestive, used in flavoring foods, or mixed in with drinks to make cocktails or shooters. The recommended way is to drink the liqueur straight at room temperature after a meal. Buying liqueur brands from a retail liquor store can be expensive. The better and simpler way is to make the liqueur at home. Put together a few ingredients and you are set. The ingredients themselves are fairly commonplace and easy to find. One you have made the drink, you can serve it at any party or a summer barbecue.

Make it at home

To make apricot liqueur at home, you will need dried apricots, sugar, and a plain spirit like vodka. These ingredients are generally available at any grocery store. To make about three quarts of apricot liqueur, you will need a pound of sugar, a pound of dried apricots, and a whole quart of vodka of your choice. Then to prepare the liqueur, crush the apricots and then add the whole bunch with the pulp and the sugar in a jar. Next, pour the vodka over this mixture. Now seal the jar and shake it well to mix all the ingredients. Leave the jar in a cool and dry place for the apricots to ferment. Remember to shake and mix the concoction everyday. This will help the fermentation process which will take about two weeks.


The final step is to actually separate the apricot liqueur and bottle it. Using a simple coffee filter, you can easily filter out all the solid particles from the mixture. Pour the liqueur into a nice bottle and tie a ribbon around the cap. Now add a little card on the top, and it makes for a perfect gift. You can even double the recipe and adjust the amount of sugar to your taste. The fermentation process will still require only two weeks.

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