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Baileys Irish Cream

How to Enjoy Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey's Irish Cream is the original Irish cream, entering the market in 1974. It is a combination of Irish whiskey and cream that is enjoyed throughout the world in various drinks and by itself. Its natural flavors of coffee, cocoa and alcohol lend themselves to a great dessert or after dinner drink, where it is most commonly seen.

Where to Buy Bailey's Irish Cream

You should be able to find Bailey's Irish Cream anywhere that you buy alcohol. It will be in a section with all of the other cream based liqueurs and be the one with the dark bottle. As time has gone on, Baileys, just like the rest of the alcohol nation, has decided to introduce some new flavors. In addition to the original flavor, there is also:

  • Mint chocolate
  • Crème caramel
  • Coffee

These additional flavors are not as commonly seen in stores, though the liquor store near you may keep them around during the holidays if not all year round. If you can't find them in your liquor store, go to a larger store or look for them right online in one of the many internet based shops as they typically have everything.


Bailey's Irish Cream is also a staple in most restaurants that have a full bar. Many bartenders and restaurant owners know the importance of offering a cream liqueur at the end of a meal and is something that many people enjoy. It is also very commonly seen in several different recipes that are dessert oriented.

Drinking Bailey's Irish Cream

The most common way to enjoy Bailey's Irish Cream is all by itself. Just pour it into a glass over ice and you have the best way to drink the cream. If you choose one of the flavors, it can also add a nice flavor. Another popular drink to make with the Cream is a mudslide, where you add vodka and kahlua to a blender with ice along with the Cream. You may have seen these in bars as distinguished by the chocolate syrup swirled along the inside of the glass with what looks like a milkshake inside of it. It is the same consistency, however it is most definitely a milkshake that only adults can drink. There are some bars that will also top it off with a little whipped cream.


Another drink is a Bailey's float, where you will add Bailey's Irish cream to a glass, followed by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The Baileys acts more like a sauce than anything else and can turn ice cream into something much more delicious. There are variations with other flavors of ice cream, including both chocolate and coffee, especially in conjunction with the other flavors of Bailey's Irish Cream.


It is also very popular to use in shots because of the way it goes down so easy. It is seen mixed with Irish whiskey or crème de menthe the most, though you may find it mixed with other drinks, too, depending upon how creative the bartender is.

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