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Bitter Orange Liqueur

What is Bitter Orange Liqueur?

Bitter orange liqueur is enjoyed by many people as both an aperitif and digestif. A specific brand of bitter orange liqueur is Cointreau, which is a type of triple sec liqueur that is produced in France. The bitter oranges that are used for this spirit are from all over the world. Cointreau is considered strong for a triple sec liqueur as it has a 40% alcohol content.



Many people like to drink a bitter orange liqueur such as Cointreau neat or over ice, but it is most popular as an ingredient in many different cocktails. The slogan that you will hear from many of the Cointreau advertisements is that it is a challenge to your senses. It is a sweet, clear spirit that has a soft finish making it easy to drink on its own.


Cointreau is preferred by many people over Grand Marnier, which is a similar bitter orange liqueur. Cointreau is sweeter than Grand Marnier and it has less of a bite and has less of a syrupy, thick consistency, making it easier to drink. Cointreau was named after the person who first created it and it has not changed much since the first time the recipe was made.

The famous cosmopolitan


The bitter orange liqueur can be found in many cocktails such as the Beelzebub, which contains Cointreau, vodkas and chili sauce, or the Penguino, which has rum, Cointreau and tonic water. The most popular drink that contains a bitter orange liqueur is the Cosmopolitan which is a drink mixed with Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice and vodka.


Cointreau is great added to cocktails and is actually very potent so it is very easy to get drunk quickly from drinks that have it as an ingredient. People who love sweet drinks and would like to drink something that is smooth and easy to sip on will enjoy drinking this bitter orange liqueur over ice or mixed in a cocktail.

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