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Barenfang Honey Liqueur

Barenfang Honig Liqueur and What It's All About

One of the most unique tasting liqueurs that you may ever taste is Barenfang Honig Liqueur. It is a honey-flavored liquor that is based much like vodka. It is a clear beverage, despite what you may think when you hear it. English-speaking countries also refer to it as Barenjager. It is possible to make Barenfang from home as it is commonly done in Germany, however there is a company named Teucke & Koenig which manufactures it, too.

Learning about Barenfang Honig Liqueur

Barenfang means bear trap and Barenjager means bear hunter, so either way you decide to pronounce and call the honey liquor, it's not looking too good for the bear. It was first developed in Eastern Prussia in the 15th century. Barenjager was the first commercial brand of Barenfang, which is why the two names are interchangeable.


The alcohol content in Barenfang Honig Liqueur is anywhere between 30 and 45%, which is a 60-90 proof. Schwarze & Schilichte, which now owns Teucke & Koenig. They bottle another brand of this Barenfang for public consumption at 33%, which is what you will find on the shelf of your liquor store (if you can find it there). Otherwise, you will need to shop through online stores for it.


Barenfang will always be made using honey from nectar as it is said that the bitter aftertaste from honeydew is not the desired effect that they were trying to reach.

How to Make Barenfang Honig Liqueur

Many Germans make their own Barenfang because it doesn't require a lot of fancy equipment or ingredients. The only things really needed are cloves, vanilla bean, honey, and vodka. Each family has their own recipe that seems to be handed down through the generations. Depending upon how much you would want to make, it will only take a few days.


If you've ever tried brewing your own beer or making your own wine, Barenfang Honig Liqueur is actually easier because there's no yeast to deal with and there's no need to transfer the product between barrels and such.

Drinking Barenfang Honig Liqueur

This is a very sweet drink and so you will want to pair it carefully. There is the Bee Breeze which combines Barenfang Honig Liqueur with Chambord, cranberry, pineapple juice and ice. There is also the Honey Dew, which is Barenfang,, Midori Melon, and a splash of pineapple juice. You can drink the liqueur just straight over ice or substitute it for vodka in a martini as well.


If you can get your hands on a bottle of Barenfang Honig Liqueur, you are going to be in for a treat. It may be one of the hardest bottles to get your hands on, but once you do, don't let go of it. When you look at the bottle, it will be the one that's written in an old-English font with a picture of a bear trap on it. The simple bottle design hasn't changed much over the years and likely won't anytime in the near future.

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