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Since people love to drink and party, it is no wonder that so many alcoholic beverages are out in the market today. Sparkling wine is famous all over the world. It is known by different names but it never fails to give everyone that crisp clean flavor. In Germany and Austria, they also have their own native version of the sparkling wine. Since the term "Champagne" was legally owned by France due to the Treaty of Versailles, German sparkling wines since then have been referred to as Sekt.


Just like any other sparkling wine, Sekt goes through several processes. The traditional method is known as the Methode Champenoise. Wine is fermented in their own individual bottles. However, this process is more expensive as compared to the Charmat method. The Charmat method ferments in a stainless steel pressurized tank. Around 95% of winemakers use this method. However, cheap sparkling wines injected with carbon dioxide to give them that fizz should not be considered as such.


Standards are set to properly grade and identify the wines. Qualitätsschaumweine is a quality term used for these German sparklers that meet these requirements. In English, the term translates as "quality sparkling wine." The wines undergo tests to identify its level of excellence for factors such as ripeness and chemical standards. The spirit also has to undergo a blind taste test. If it gets the necessary 5 points, then it is worthy enough to be labeled as a Qualitätsschaumweine. It is this top quality standard that winemakers want to achieve. The lowest level is the Schaumwein. Compared to its better sparkling wine contemporaries in France, Spain and the United States, the flavor of the Sekt is somewhat sweeter and fruitier. It also has a lower alcohol content compared to the French Champagne.


German Sekt has a number of regulations in order to maintain quality. It states that:


  • alcohol level should have a minimum of 10%
  • pressure in the bottle should have a 3.5 bar
  • carbonation should be declared on the bottle
  • minimum aging period is nine months
  • quality sparkling wines should not contain 185mg/100ml of sulphuric acid
  • the label has to have an official identification number (grape variety, year of harvest, area of origin) if the grape proportion is at least 75%

Like many other sparklers, the sweetness level of the Sekt ranges from somewhat sweet to quite dry. Serving the drink at the right temperature allows the drink to reach its full potential. It should usually be served chilled at 45oF. Let me give you a useful hint: Take it out of the fridge 20-30 minutes prior to serving. A tall and thin flute glass is the best accompaniment for this drink. The flute preserves the fresh crisp clean flavors and the bubbles. This type of wine pairs well with light dishes such as shortbread, scallops, crabs and salads. Light sauces like tartar and Alfredo along with some cheeses like Brie and Swiss are also good combinations for this wine.

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