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Saffron: The King of Spices


The world’s most expensive spice can add a lovely flavor to any drink. Saffron is a spice that has been a used as a natural flavoring, an intoxicant, and a curative in hot and cold drinks for quite some time now. It is said that Alexander the Great used Persian Saffron in his infusions, rice, and baths as curative for his battle wounds. It was also rumored that the Persians used Saffron as a drug and sometimes even as an aphrodisiac. It was even the cause of a fourteen week war that was known simply as the “Saffron War.” From the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to the wisest Emperor of South Asia, Akbar the Great – the spice has always been associated with royalty. The rich and famous, the powerful rulers of mighty kingdoms were the few who could cultivate and trade in this exotic spice.


Scientifically speaking, Saffron is nothing more than the dried stamens of a purple crocus plant. Although considering how expensive it is, it might as well be gold dust. This spice is immune to advancements in horticultural technologies. Saffron, being the rare spice it is, must still be handpicked in the ancient fields where it grows. This fact however has not stopped spirit manufacturers across the world from including it in their premium products. Many of them have infused this spice into liquors like Vodkas and Gins to whet the appetites of those who derive pleasure of drinking in the exotic taste. For those of the non-alcoholic persuasion, drinking a well made Saffron tea can be quite an alleviating experience from many illnesses.


While it is true that at one time, Saffron was the spice used only by the rich and famous, in today’s times this spice can be used to cook exotic foods, make absolutely delicious pies, out of this world cocktails, and for medicinal purposes to maintain good health. It is said that adding a little Saffron in the milk can make a woman’s skin glow. Such is the magic of this spice – one which befittingly holds the title King of Spices.


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