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Schweppes Lemon

Schweppes Lemon: The Perfect Lemon Drink


In 1957, Schweppes introduced the famous Bitter Lemon beverage to those who like their drink with a real lemon kick to it. This drink however was too bitter for some people who mixed it in with their alcoholic beverages. To popularize the lemon flavor, the company introduced Schweppes Lemon – a beverage that tasted a little sweeter and a little less bitter to engage the palate of those who were looking for a pleasant tasting mixer and of course, children. Today, this drink is sold as a regular soda that makes it an unbeatable thirst quencher for those who are looking for something more than a simple lemonade. It also makes for a great addition to the already well established Schweppes family of products.


Bartenders use the drink as mix to add to the favorite cocktails for their guests – from a Gin and Tonic to Sex on the Beach or a plain Vodka based citrusy summer drink. Schweppes Lemon is for those who prefer a taste of lemon in everything they eat or drink – from their appetizers, entrees, and desserts to fruits to their cocktails or simple summer thirst quenchers. Schweppes Lemon can be had anytime – day or night – unlike drinks that has have a high caffeine content. The lemony taste is a real treat for children. In the world of sodas, this drink has very few competitors who can truly match its taste and quality. The only real competition can come from a freshly squeezed lemonade, chilled in a glass jug and served on ice by a child on the street, on a hot and muggy day.


To make the lemony taste swirl around in the mouth, just open a can or a bottle of this exquisite drink and pour it over ice. Add a bit of mint and a dash of pepper to make the mind and body come alive. Feel the taste buds tingle in anticipation as the Schweppes Lemon and all its fizz comes in contact with the mouth. Let the feeling of pure refreshment wash all over, like stepping into a shower at the end of a warm and sweaty day. That's the magic of lemon hitting that sweet spot.


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