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Great Drinks with Scotch Whiskey

For the younger generation of drinkers today, drinking whiskey is probably not the coolest thing that they can been seen drinking. They may not like to drink Scotch whiskey when they are out socializing, but if it is mixed into a cocktail they will find it to be good and very drinkable. Scotch whiskey has a good amount of sugar in it that will keep your energy up while you are dancing the night away.


Scotch whiskey is often referred to as just scotch and is related to whiskey and bourbon. All three of these spirits were born from the Irish method of brewing whiskey. The Irish introduced the process of distillation to the Scottish and they modified it to create their own spirit, which became known as Scotch whiskey.


Many of the younger generations today associate drinking Scotch whiskey with their parents or grandfathers and do not usually order it for themselves while they are out at a club or bar. They tend to avoid it because of the way it looks, but mixed in the right cocktail or on its own Scotch whiskey makes a surprisingly good drink because of its high sugar content.


There are many good cocktails that you can create with Scotch whiskey. One called the rusty nail is a mixture of scotch and Drambuie that is served with a twist of lemon. For this drink to be great you need to go against the rule that you should not add ice to your scotch. You should fill the glass you plan to use to the top with ice and pour the two spirits in over the ice. Despite the name, a Rusty Nail cocktail is a light drink and you will not feel the harshness of the scotch.


Another great whiskey drink to try that is popular with many people is the Whiskey Sour. This drink has the whiskey mixed with lemon juice and sugar. It is a sweet and sour drink that will also take away the harshness of the scotch whiskey, but not too sweet that you will not enjoy drinking it.

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