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Acquire An Unforgettable Cocktail Party Through The Passoa Liqueur


Passoa liqueur is considered as one of the famous drink on cocktail parties. The drink was introduced in the European country during the year 1986 and it was in the year 1994 when it was launched internationally. The drink appears on bright pink and acquires an exotic taste of passion fruit juice, herbs and citrus. Passoa liqueur is packaged in a clearly identifiable matt black bottle and was manufactured in France. It is an ingredient that can do tons of cocktail. If you will organize a summer cocktail, here are some Passoa liqueurs that you can serve to your guests:


  • The Pink Passion


You need to combine 30 ml of vodka, 30 ml of Passoa Passion fruit liquer, 1 b.s. of fresh lime juice. You need to fill it with lemon lime soda and create in a collins along with ice cubes. You may accessorize the drink with lime wedges. This drink is very sweet and refreshing with magnificent tropical flavor. This is an excellent drink for cocktail parties.


  • Passionate Cosmo


Blend a 40 ml of voda, 20 ml of Passoa fruit liqueur, 20 ml of Cointreau and 1 bsp. of fresh lime juice. After that, you need to shake and transfer it into the cocktail glass and accessorize it with a lime circle. This is considered as a sweet but strong cocktail drink.


  • Bay Passion


In doing this drink you need to mix 30 ml of Vodka, 30 ml of Passion fruit liqueur, 60 ml of cranberry juice and 60 ml of fresh grapefruit. Next to that, shake and transfer it in a highball that is filled with ice. You can decorate it with maraschino cherry on the edge.  This is known as a dance club design drink that obtains fascinating exotic and bitter sweet savor.


These are only some of the Passoa liqueur that you can serve in your cocktail party. If you want to offer an unforgettable drink to your guest then the Passoa liqueur is a must try. Do not hesitate to make and served these drinks for you to obtain a marvelous party.

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