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Feijoa Liqueur

The Tart Feijoa Liqueur

Want a drink that is going to give you that mouth tingling and slightly tart finish? Then look no further than the Feijoa liqueur. It is a drink that has been manufactured from a blend of both pineapples and guavas. The alcoholic content in the drink is a mere twenty six percent, and it is usually advisable that the drink is taken at room temperature so as to make sure that its natural bouquet is released. Though the Feijoa fruit is originally from North America, New Zealand has now taken to its mass exportation. Fermented whey is also part of the ingredients used in making the liqueur.


Neutral spirits are also mixed well and then added to the whey, after which a process follows before the drink is perfectly brewed. Importantly, you need to realize that this is a triple distilled type of alcoholic drink. After it has been completely blended, the Feijoa liqueur is then aged for a few more months before it is released and then bottled for sale. Packed in a clear bottle, this drink is mostly golden color, and from a distance might pass off for another form of brandy. The glass bottle in which it is placed is such that it is clearly marked and even bears a distinctive mark of quality. In most cases, the bottle is usually a five hundred milliliter bottle.


When serving Feijoa liqueur it is advisable that you serve it when chilled, so as to fully experience the tangy taste. The other benefit associated with this type of liqueur is the fact that it can be mixed with any other of alcoholic drink, either a Vodka or even gin and then served chilled as a cocktail. When coming up with your homemade version of this type of liqueur, it is important to allow it enough time to mature. Usually it is recommended that the homemade type is allowed a year, as opposed to the industrial one which is allowed a six month maturity period.

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