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Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur

Some people often ask what the difference is in liquor and liqueur. With liquor the process includes distilling which will turn it into Ethyl Alcohol and water. As far as liqueur, it does still include a distilled alcohol but has at least 2.5% minimum of sugars like fruit syrup. The main difference is one has natural fructose added and one doesn’t.


There is a way you can make your own strawberry liqueur at home if you have the patience and time. The main thing is to purchase the liquor from an ABC Store. If you attempt to make the liquor yourself, could cause a problem with the authorities.


Begin with 2 glass jars (something similar to Mason jars would work just fine). You need to stuff fresh whole strawberries into one of the jars. Add two tablespoons sugar to the one jar. Then fill the jar with at least 100 proof Vodka. Allow the jar to sit on the counter for at least a week. The next step after waiting for a week is to use a strainer by placing on the other empty jar and pour the contents of the full jar into the strainer.


Be sure you don’t let any strawberries get loose! In the jar with the remaining strawberries, add two more tablespoons of sugar and let sit on the counter for another week. Once you have strained the strawberry jar three times, it’s done! You can use the remaining fruit (containing a high content of alcohol) for deserts and such but make sure the children don’t eat them!


You can then use the processed liqueur for mixers and even in recipes calling for any type of fruit liqueur. This is a time consuming process but if you aren’t in a hurry, this would be a fun project to do!

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