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Orange Curacao

Orange Curacao also known as just Curacao is actually a sweet liquor which is distilled and flavored from dried Valencia orange peels which is known for its bitter qualities. This particular drink, though largely made from Valencia orange peels, is basically sugar and wine and contains traces of lemon at times. It is usually used to add color to mixed drinks like cocktails. This drink was first produced and marketed by a Spanish family of the Jewish descent in the 19th century.


The procedure for producing Orange Curacao involves an intricate process – orange peels are dried in order to bring out the sweet smelling oils and are then soaked in alcohol and water for days. Orange Curacao has a tangy taste and the degree of bitterness depends on the drink it is used in. The two most popular brands that produce Orange Curacao are Bols and Marie Brizard.


The country of origin of the Orange Curacao is the Netherlands and its alcohol content is between 15 and 40%. Some of the most popular drinks that are made from Orange Curacao are:


  1. Hawaiian Mai Tai
  2. Cable Car
  3. Suffering Bastard
  4. Perfect Margarita
  5. Kona Village Mai Tai
  6. Mango Daiquiri
  7. California Iced Tea
  8. Electric Lemonade
  9. Candy Corn
  10. Florida Iced Tea
  11. Broken Heart Zombie Mai Tai
  12. Hawaii Mai Tai
  13. Full Moon
  14. Di Saronno Punch
  15. Mexican Blonde
  16. Soho Martini
  17. Fuzzy Bastard
  18. Anejo Highball
  19. Loch Ness Mystery
  20. Ann Sheridan Cocktail
  21. Clementine Martini
  22. Bull and Bear
  23. Simply Exquisite
  24. Slaughtering the Slothman
  25. Third Rail
  26. The Classic
  27. Man o' War
  28. French Pirate
  29. Pilgrim Cocktail
  30. New Orleans Cocktail


Orange Curacao is also used in coffee and tea recipes and is marketed by several liquor producing companies the world over.



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