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What Metaxa Is and Why You Need it At Your Bar

Metaxa is a distilled spirit that is made in Greece and was invented in the late 1800s. It is a blend of wine and brandy that is made from different kinds of grapes. From there, it is blended with Muscat wine, the essence of rose petals and some secret botanicals. The same kinds of drinks that you would make with brandy can be made with Metaxa but it is entirely different. It is very popular in Greece, Hungary and Eastern Europe, so if you can get your hands on it for your bar, you can make some new and unique drinks that no one has ever heard of – making you the place to be.

Using Metaxa in Your Cocktails

There are quite a few drinks that you can make with Metaxa that can be quite simple or overly complicated, depending upon your skill level. You may need to go shopping at the liquor store to make some of them or head online and order them all from an online liquor store.


The first is the Greek Sangria. You can make a pitcher of it and serve it right from there instead of trying to make up each glass individually. The longer you let it sit, the more infused the flavors will become. Pour a bottle of dry white wine into a pitcher with ice. Add 3 shots of Cointreau and 6 shots of Metaxa. You then need to pour in equal parts of apricot nectar and simple syrup. Add some sliced lime, orange and cucumber and then top the remainder of the pitcher off with club soda. You can serve it once everything has been in there for at least 10 minutes.


Another popular drink is the Diego. Add a shot each of Metaxa, Aperol, Galliano and watermelon syrup to a cocktail shaker. Add 3 ounces each of passion fruit juice and cranberry juice. Add ice, shake for a full minute and then strain into a glass. The classic garnish is with the leaf of a pineapple and a cocktail cherry.

Where to Find Metaxa

You may struggle trying to find Metaxa in your local liquor store. It is imported into 60 countries and the United States is one of them, but if your local liquor store isn't selling a lot of it, then they aren't going to bring it in anymore. The larger the store, the better your chances are for finding it. If after looking around for awhile, you may want to go to an online liquor store.


When you shop online, you are going to get the best of everything because you can find the size bottle that you want to get as well as the best deal around. Price shop between a few different sites and make sure you take shipping & handling into consideration. The liquor stores based in the U.S. are going to have the best shipping rates, so keep that in mind.

Once you get your hands on a bottle, experiment with some of your flavor combinations, too.

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