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All about Italy’s Limoncello!


Limoncello is a smooth tasting lemon liqueur produced and manufactured in Southern Italy. The Sorrento lemon was the original lemon of choice for making this liqueur but you can really use any kind of lemon you want. The smooth liqueur has become so popular over the past few years that it is now being produces in places all over the globe. Canada, United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom all now produce their own versions of the lemon liqueur.


In Italian culture the Limoncello was service chilled, after dinner to help digest their food. The liqueur was typically served in a ceramic type glass that was kept chilled as well. This tradition is mainly seen along the Amalfi Coast but has recently seeped into other parts of Italy. The lemon liqueur recipe has even become popular for making cakes most recently! Fluffy cakes and tortes are a delicious way to end a great meal anywhere in the world.


Limoncello is affordable on virtually anyone’s budget and it available to purchase all over the world, and online. You can expect to see prices of $20 to $40 for a bottle of it, depending on the size of bottle you are looking to purchase. You can drink this liqueur straight or on the rocks if you choose, but it is most typically use for mixing cocktails and other mixed drinks together. It does carry a bitter type of taste but that would be expected of a liqueur made mostly of lemons. This is definitely a liqueur to try out because it can be used to mix many different types of drinks together. You can even get recipes off the internet to learn how to make this lemon liqueur straight from your own kitchen too, as long as you get all the right ingredients.

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