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Kiwi liqueur

Guide to making and understanding Kiwi Liqueur


Kiwi liqueur is a very special class of natural spirit. The drink is very sweet and is typically used as a mixer in popular cocktails and drinks. This type of liqueur is a great choice for entertainment at house parties, galas, or other social events with a variety of taste. The fruitfulness that the kiwi flavored liqueur supplies is unlike any other.


There are dozens of popular drinks and cocktails I have heard and tried that I did not know included the mix of a brand of kiwi liqueur. Drinks like Abomination, Blue Zero, Foamy Irishman, Hara Kiwi (delicious) and Hpno Tonic! This liqueur became such a hit that many people began making their own versions of it right from their own home. This was great for party hostesses and event coordinators. First you must know that the fresher your ingredients, the better your home made kiwi flavored liqueur will be. You then start your liqueur by making simple style syrup. You can do this by boiling water and sugar to a boil on the stove. You can use either fresh or frozen kiwi, but the best liqueur will be made from fresh.


After you mix the syrup with some blended kiwi’s, you simmer it on the stove, and then just have to add your personal flavor of liqueur. You can choose rum, vodka, whiskey, anything at all! Specific step by step instructions on making kiwi liqueur can be found online, if you are interested in putting your own spin on it. Overall this is one of the best multi functional liqueurs available. It can be used in so many types and styles of drinks and has even been known to be used in some chicken gourmet dishes as a special liqueur marinade.

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