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Enjoying Irish Mist Liqueur

Irish Mist Liqueur is a brown Irish whiskey that's made in Dublin Ireland. It is not one of the most common liqueurs found in bars, however it has a very unique flavor that can be mixed with various other combinations to create a delicious drink. It is available in over forty countries, including the United States.

The History of Irish Mist Liqueur

Tullamore whiskey founded a distillery in 1829 to produce Irish whiskey and they still make it today. However, in 1947 when commercial production began in 1947, the first liqueur produced was Irish Mist liqueur. The Williams family was searching for a similar product to whiskey yet just a little different. Their answer was in the heather wine that dates back a full millennia before.

Desmond Williams was able to come across an old manuscript with the recipe to heather wine on it that was thought to be lost in 1691. He was then able to transform it into Irish Mist Liqueur and he set up the Irish Mist Liqueur Company. As of September 2010 after several purchases later, it now is owned by Gruppo Campari who bought it from C&C.

How to Enjoy Irish Mist Liqueur

The flavors in Irish Mist Liqueur are of whiskey, heather, honey, herbs and a hint of other spirits. As a result, it can be enjoyed all by its lonesome, over ice, or combined with many other ingredients.

The most popular drink is Irish Mist with cola and lime. There is also a Rusty Mist, which is a play off of a Rusty Nail. Instead of Scotch, however, it's Irish Mist and then the shot of Drambuie that goes into the glass. A Black Nail is going to be equal parts of Irish Mist and Irish whiskey.

The drink can also go well inside of coffee instead of regular whiskey, which makes a delicious Irish Coffee. You can add it into regular or decaf coffee and then top if off with a little whipped cream for a memorable after dinner drink.

Finding Irish Mist Liqueur

The likelihood of you being able to find Irish Mist Liqueur in your local restaurant's bar is not very good. That is, of course, unless you are at an Irish pub. Otherwise you're going to have to get it from your local liquor store. It will be in the same section as Jameson's and the other Irish whiskeys, even though it is technically different than Irish whiskey. They have changed the bottle fairly recently, so it will look more like a standard whiskey bottle, so it's going to be a little harder to spot. If you can't find it, just ask. If the liquor store is reputable at all, they'll have it around somewhere.


There are also liquor stores online that you can purchase it from as well. Like everything, there may be some price differences between local stores and online. You may be able to get a deal by getting it online, just make sure you take into consideration shipping and handling.

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