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What You Need To Know About Frangelico

It is now a known and appreciated fact that if alcohol is consumed in moderation, it is good for the cardiovascular system. Consumption of alcohol is associated with elevated levels of high density lipoproteins. Most people who take alcohol have also been found to have far much less fibrinogen. This is a protein that plays a major role in the occurrence of diseases like strokes and thromboses. Frangelico is a hazelnut flavored liqueur that is made from distilling toasted hazelnuts into water and alcohol. This drink is in most cases flavored with toasted vanilla berries, rhubard roo, toasted coffee and cocoa.

Alcohol Content of Frangelico

It is important for everyone who consumes alcohol to know how much of it they are taking at any one time. Frangelico contains 24% alcohol. Study shows that alcohol is known to lower insulin levels in a person’s body. When this happens a person is out of risk of atherosclerosis which is a condition whereby the arteries of the drinker harden. If you are one of those people who thirst for a drink once in a while, you can consider taking this one. However, do not be one of those drinkers who go to a pub yet do not know what drink they want take.

When to Take Frangelico

Do not feel intimidated when choosing your after dinner drink. Always remember that there are stalwart old standbys. One of these drinks is Frangelico which is a perfect choice. It is a distinctive drink but quite popular and can be found in many bars and restaurants. This drink is not overly heavy or sweat but you will definitely enjoy it even if it is your first time. This drink is versatile and can be used as a mixer or better still it can be taken with or in coffee, over ice or anything else of your choice.

Creation of Frangelico

Frangelico is a unique drink that instills a comfortable and warm feeling to the drinker. The drink was created by an Italian Monk way back in the 17th century. This took place in the Piedmont region which is in the northwest of Italy and near the Italian Alps. Today this drink is produced by Barbero Wine & Spirits Company. This company was founded in 1891. It is available locally in about 85 countries. The recipe of this drink is still a well guarded secret. Some of the ingredients used in the making of this drink include sweet orange flowers, toasted coffee, rhubarb root, vanilla berries and cocoa. It is further blended and let to mature in oak casks.

More Information on Frangelico

Like all other alcoholic drinks, Frangelico should not be taken in excess. When taken in moderation, it gives a relaxing feeling and also provides relief from stress. It is a known causative element in a number of diseases. When taken in small amounts it will be of more benefit and less risks to the drinker’s health. Enjoy this exciting liqueur which works wonders in cocktails.

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