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Ever Tasted The Famous Fenny Drink?

Fenny is a popular drink that most people who have visited Goa know about. Apart from its beaches Goa is also popular for this drink. This drink can either be served neat or one can mix it lemon lime soda. This superb spirit can also be served as part of a cocktail. There are two types of this drink. One is the Coconut Feni while the other one is the Cashew Feni. Coconut Feni comes from the sap of the famous coconut tree. This is the older type of the drink. The other type of this drink is the cashew apple which is made from the cashew tree fruit. The next time you visit Goa, you should make sure that you have tasted this famous drink.

Production of Fenny

The whole process of producing Fenny is tedious and requires a lot of effort. Traditionally, this drink is made by placing the fruits in a large stone basin. These are then crushed with a large weight and the juice that is extracted is boiled in a copper kettle. The liquid is then distilled and collected using a conduit. Once you have completed distilling the product, it is a requirement that you bury it in the ground in a pot to allow proper fermentation to take place. It is during this time that about 4% of the drink is turned into alcohol. The best drink is collected after the second or even third distillation to achieve the best results. However, one can also use more modern methods.

The end product is clear and one can easily identify it from its strong alcoholic scent. It is possible to identify the smell of this drink even from a distance and especially when it is being distilled. Some people describe the flavor of Fenny as similar to that of a “burnt sugar.” The drink that is gotten from the Cashew apple has a fruity and nutty taste and its color is pale yellow.

Where can one Buy Fenny?

This drink is readily available for those living and visiting Goa. It is available locally in most liquor joints. Though international marketing and selling of Fenny is sometimes hindered by the fact that the Goan government has labeled it“country liquor,” it is still possible to get it from online suppliers.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Fenny?

It is believed Fenny has a major role in helping bowel movement. It is known to give relief to anyone suffering from constipation. When you take Fenny, you are contributing to the economic development of a number of people. Several people make a living from this traditional liquor. Among those who benefit first hand are the coconut and cashew farmers. There are then the distillers and also those who sell the end product. All these people earn a living from this popular drink. However, like is the case with all other alcohol based drinks, this famous drink should only be taken by people who have attained a legal drinking age. Adults should also take it responsibly to avoid alcohol related problems like accidents.

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