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Everybody loves a good, creamy coconut cream pie, but does everybody know what coconut cream is or how it is made? Coconut cream is a thick, rich product that is made from coconut flesh. First you have to start with making coconut milk by using shredded coconut and water. Bring to a boil then simmer. Next, you pour it through a cheesecloth strainer and tightly squeeze out as much water as possible. The left over coconut can be used for other delicious recipes or a food décor. To produce the cream, chill the milk for twenty-four hours and the solid section will rise to the top and that is the coconut cream. You can scrap that off and place it into a separate container.


If you are not up to making your own cream, you can also go buy it at the grocery store, but be careful not to grab coconut milk when shopping for coconut cream. Coconut cream can be used numerous ways. You can use it to make creamy coconut drinks, use it as a thickener, or you can add it to coffee as a non-dairy creamer, or even hot chocolate. You can also make a delicious chocolate coconut pudding that is great tasting in the summertime or just anytime. But the most famous use for it is coconut cream pies.


For many centuries, people have been making coconut cream pies. It is also a great desert to serve after a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday dinner. It is a simple desert and everyone loves to eat it. Unless you have an allergy to coconut, I would definitely go for the apple or cherry pie. Health fact, coconut is a great source of fiber and protein, so go ahead have another slice of pie.

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