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Double Cream

How Good Is Double Cream?

Double cream is a dairy product which is a lot heavier than heavy cream and it is mostly commonly in Europe. It is a thick and very dense cream that is a favorite with many people for use in most foods and desserts. Despite its dense nature, this cream whips easily. When you are making it, it is important to centrifuge the cream once it is collected in order to facilitate an easier extraction of products. To come up with this thick cream, it is important that you prolog the centrifuging process. It is advisable to skim the cream from the surface.

Contents of Double Cream

The butterfat content of double cream is roughly 48% which clearly indicates that it has less butterfat content than clotted cream. However, it is slightly denser that most creams that are used in most recipes. This high butterfat content makes it easier to work with the cream especially when added to hot foods. It is perfect in the making of hot sauces and desserts because it is not easy to separate. It works wonders in a dessert like crème caramel. In case you wish to come up with a mixture similar to that of butter, you will have to whip the cream at a higher speed and in some cases for a longer period of time.

Uses of Double Cream

In case you are using an electric mixer when whipping the double cream, it is advisable to use the lowest speed. The good thing about this cream is that it is possible to freeze it for a long period of time even up to 2 months after which you can use it for cooking. If you wish to make various custards or crèmes like Anglaise, you can add flavor to this thick cream. When you use this cream with higher butterfat content, you are sure to get a feeling of fullness.

Where You Can Get Double Cream

The availability of double cream depends in which country you live in. In some countries, you can only get it from the markets while in other parts; it is readily available in dairies. However, in some regions, it might be practically hard to get the thick cream. In case you live in such places where it is hard to get the cream, then you can make use of any other heavy or whipping cream in your recipes. You will not always get the same end result but you will be somewhere close to the real thing. You should as much as possible avoid replacing this dense cream with sour cream since you will never come up with the same recipe.

Even if it is now possible to get ready made flavors, it is always good to make your own. When you make your own double cream, you will not need to add preservatives. It will also be possible for you to know what is happening in there and you will more often than not come out with a more delicious end result.

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