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Chocolate Cream

How to Make a Sweet Drink using Chocolate Cream

If you are a chocolate lover and you are looking for a cocktail that is sweet and has chocolate as an ingredient, you should know that there are a few types of chocolate cream liqueurs for sale today, which will satisfy your sweet tooth. Most of these chocolate liqueurs became popular in the 1990s when there was a new trend of chocolate cocktails, but most of the actual liqueurs have been around for much longer.


Chocolate cream liqueurs can be found throughout history from as early as 1666 in France. The chocolate cream liqueurs were made using cacao beans, and today the recipe is very similar. You can easily make chocolate cream at home using a mix of vodka, vanilla extract, chocolate extract, and simple syrup. Using cacao beans in the recipe is not necessary, but if you can find them and know how to use them, they will add to the flavor of your liqueur. Many people like to add eggs to the recipe to make it thicker and creamier, but you can achieve somewhat the same effect by using glycerin.


A great brand of chocolate cream liqueur, which you should try, is the Vermeer Dutch Chocolate Cream. It is a sweet chocolate cream that is made with vodka, Dutch chocolate, and cream. The Vermeer Dutch chocolate cream was created by the inventor of Skyy vodka, Maurice Kanbar.


Many people like to enjoy Dutch chocolate cream liqueur by itself poured over ice, but it can also be used as an ingredient for a delicious chocolate martini, or added to hot cocoa, to make it thicker and sweeter. Because it is such a thick and creamy liqueur it also can be used as a chocolate topping on ice cream.


To make your own chocolate martini at home using Vermeer, you will need one ounce of vodka and two ounces of Chocolate Cream liqueur. Shake the ingredients together with a small amount of shaved chocolate. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a cocoa bean or cherry. If you want your martini to be thicker, add half and half or milk.


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