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Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is actually any type of wine that has notable levels of carbon dioxide in it hence giving it a sparkling and fizzy affect. The carbon dioxide in any sparkling wine may result due to natural fermentation procedures or it may be injected into the wine purposefully. Natural fermentation causing wines to sparkle made the people name the sparkling wine “Devil’s Wine” in Ancient Greek and Rome as they did not understand what this effervescent effect was and attributed it to evil.


Red wine grapes are usually used in producing sparkling wines. This is due to the fact that the juice extracted from these is clear and can be modified into the type of color that is needed. Initial fermentation of all sparkling wines begins the same way but some winemakers make it a point to use sparkling wine yeasts to do the job. Sparkling wine apparently cannot be sold legally until it has aged on lees for at least 15 months.


There are many other ways to produce sparkling wine, some of them listed below:


  1. Charmat Process: This process also known as Metodo Charmat-Martinotti is a procedure in which the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in steel utensils. The bottling in this procedure is done under sever pressure.
  2. Transfer Method: This process requires the wine to be kept into a bottle for secondary fermentation for at least six months after which it is bottled once again, all set to be sold.
  3. Gas Injection: This is the least expensive procedure. Sparkling wine is injected with CO2 from a carbonator and the wine is all ready!



The most popular type of sparkling wine is the Champagne. A few popular brands of the sparkling wine include Bordeaux, Krug NV, Champagne Leclerc, Moet and Chandon and Marquis De La Tour.



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