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In Spanish its called vino de Jerez, literally meaning “wine of Jerez”, which is a very fitting name since Sherry is made from the white grapes growing near the Spanish town called Jerez.


The word “Sherry” is, not suprisingly, originated from the word Jerez. All wine labeled as Sherry must legally be produced within the so-called Sherry Triangle, which an area in the province of Cádiz between Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María. The town and the area around Jerez has been a center of producing wine since the Phoenicians arrived to Spain in 1100 BC. When the Moors conquered the area in 711 AD, distillation was introduced and it was possible to start making fortified wine and brandy.


During the period when the Moors had the area conquered the town was called Sherish, a name from where both Jerez and Sherry originates.


There are six different styles of Sherry:


1. Fino – The driest and most pale of the traditional Sherry varieties.


2. Manzanilla – A version of Fino Sherry made around Sanlúcar de Barrameda.


3. Amontillado – First aged under a cap of Flor yeast and then exposed to oxygen makes this type of Sherry darker than Fino but lighter than the next type.


4. Oloroso – Means scented in Spanish because it is darker and richer than the previous types, it is also the strongest style of Sherry alcohol-wise with alcohol levels as high as 18-20%.


5. Palo Cortado – Produced in a similar way to the Amontillado, but develops the richness of the Oloroso, which gives it some of the characteristics from both of the varieties.


6. Sweet Sherry – In Spanish this is known as Jerez Dulce and is made from taking either one of the previous styles and mixing in some Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel wine. When making sweet sherry out of Oloroso it is called Cream Sherry, when made from Fino it is called pale cream Sherry and medium Sherry when made from Amontillado.

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