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Amontillado Superior Vintrys

Experiencing Amontillado Superior Vintrys

As far as sherries go, Amontillado Superior, Vintrys specifically is darker than what you are most likely accustomed to. It can be accompanied to some great culinary dishes and is therefore commonly seen in high-end restaurants over your standard liquor store. Once you have it, you will likely choose it over any other sherry in the future.

What Amontillado Superior Vintrys Is

Amontillado is a sherry that is darker than a fino but lighter than an oloroso sherry. It is named after the Spanish region of Montilla, where it is produced annually since the 18th century. It is made into the sherry by first creating a fino sherry and then fortifying it with flor yeast. It becomes Amontillado once the flor is either killed by non-replenishment or additional fortification. There are three kinds of this type of sherry:

  • Fino Amontillado
  • Amontillado del Puerto
  • Medium sherry

Amontillado Superior Vintrys is of the fino variety and is known for its amber color and slightly nutty, burnt taste. This sherry is made in Sweden using the Palomino grape. It is a very dry, medium bodied sherry that has a few hints of coconut, caramel and vanilla. Because the Vintry's brand is one specific kind, there is a distinct flavor that will be enjoyed each and every time you open the bottle. Other brands may differ slightly in flavor as well as the color, due to the casks used in the distillation process.

How to Enjoy Amontillado Superior Vintrys

One of the most common ways of using Amontillado Superior Vintrys is chilled slightly as an aperitif. There are many high-end restaurants that choose to serve a spirit to help stimulate one's appetite before serving a meal and sherry is very common. Depending upon what is being served, the Vintry's superior is an even better choice. There are also some foods that it can be served with to truly bring out the flavor.


Amontillado Superior Vintrys can be served alongside of or in some very tasty soups including lobster or crayfish as well as mushroom. Many chefs enjoy using this sherry inside of consommé or soup because of its nutty flavors.

You may also find Amontillado Superior Vintrys in certain areas of the world, such as Spain, on a beverage cart at a bullfight. Just as you would see beer in a stadium or arena in the United States, the dry sherry can be served for sports throughout Europe, also benefiting from the nutty flavors similar to a beer. Some will even go so far as to add club soda to the sherry to get the same kind of fizz as a lager.


Any way you choose to enjoy the sherry, you will likely be enjoying it in an upscale restaurant because the chef knows his stuff. It can be a soup of chanterelle mushrooms, a seafood bisque or even as an aperitif, but when you see the Vintry's Superior Amontillado come from behind the bar, you know you are in good hands.


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