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Red Martini

Red Martini

Also known as Martini Rosato, this fortified wine has a very bold flavor and is very different than its counterpart, red vermouth. This red martini is definitely Mediterranean inspired tastes which come from using a combination of fruits such as raspberries and fruits from the citrus family. Blending both red and white vermouths helped to add the significant boldness like no other. The deep rose color adds character to this brilliant vermouth.


The creators Martini & Rossi, an Italian originated company for over 140 years, wanted to add something to their established collection of fine well know wines. For the new product of Martini Rosato (red martini), they have created a wine Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi would have made them proud to carry their name. Over the years this company has won a momentous amount of Gold awards over its history and across the globe.


A distinctive blend of nutmeg, cloves, and a touch of cinnamon brings out the wonderful boldness to this fragrant wine. It is often served with a mix of pomegranate juice and fresh slices of lemon or lime.


As with other like wines, you can add it to your favorite recipes to bring a different twist to the everyday meal. Or add ice, red martini and lemon to a blender to create your own frozen drink for a fabulous way to relax on a hot summer day! For your next social, you may want to add a ginger ale or your favorite lemon soda for a refreshing sparkling punch.

Whatever the occasion no matter how small, red martini can make a hit for those looking for that little something different while making it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone.


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