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Burgundy wine

Origin of Burgundy Wine

The Burgundy wine traces its origins back to a region in eastern France called Burgundy. The French name for Burgundy wine is Vin de Bourgogne. The origin can be traced back to the medieval times and has come a long way since then. The past century has seen severe economic depressions following the two World Wars and the destruction that these created played havoc with wine growing lands. However, viticultural experts did their best to fix this over the years by adding mineral fertilizers to the grape crops and basically trying to bring back the wine growing land that is so important to the cultivation of grapes that eventually make the Burgundy wine.

Different Varieties

Burgundy wine is made from different varieties of grapes. Red wine may be made from Pinot Noir grapes and white wine from Chardonnay grapes. The Burgundy wine is classified into different types by the order of quality:


-       Grand Cru: These are the best of all Burgundy wines and are meant to be aged between five and seven years and are produced in a way that requires cellaring. Only the name of the vineyard is printed on the label of these wines and not the village name

-       Premier Cru: These wines too are considered high quality but not as high as Grand Cru. These need to be aged between three and five years and are labeled with the village or origin name and the vineyard too

-       Village: These Burgundy wines need to aged between two and four years and are labeled with the name of the village specifically owing to the fact that each different village that produces these will offer a different quality.


There are many producers worldwide that produce the Burgundy wine, the more popular ones listed below:


  1. Boisset Family Estates
  2. Howard Park Wines
  3. Maison Louis Jadot
  4. Maison Louis Latour
  5. Domain Lamarche


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