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Raspberry Cordial

The Red Summer Drink


When the summer is high and the temperatures are soaring, the only thing to do is to ensure that your body gets lots of liquids. Perspiration is one the major factors of dehydration and the heat of course, being another. Having an ice cold soda is not recommended for everyday consumption. It contains too much sugar and too much gas. The ideal drink is something that has less calories and is easy to make. The perfect way to do it is to mix some chilled carbonated water with ice cubes in a tall glass and blend in some raspberry cordial. Mmmm! This is the new taste of summer.


Whether it is the thirsty children after a play time in the evening or the adults coming back home after a long day at work – this drink is a refreshing way to wind down after a long and tiring day. Sure there are beers, but a simple drink like a two parts of Vodka mixed with one part of raspberry cordial and ice makes for a wonderful way to relax. Spice it up with a few mint leaves and a lemon and “refreshed” and “rejuvenated” automatically become a part of your vocabulary. The summer is just beginning and so are the good times.


The best way to enjoy this drink is to invite friends over for a barbecue. Nothing says good times like sizzling meat – hot dogs with everything on them, steaks, pork chops, turkey burgers, or just plain grilled chicken with skewered vegetables. The raspberry cordial makes for a perfect cooler / sipper with a great barbecue among friends, family, and neighbors. The children can have it plain, while the adults can have it spiked with tea. This is after all a summer that comes with the promise of fun and excitement for everybody.

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