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Raspberries: An Irresistible Taste of Nature


The sweet taste of raspberries makes this fruit a wonderful addition to any morning breakfast, drinks or cocktails, salads, or desserts like raspberry with ice cream. This dainty, red fruit is one of the tangiest sources of antioxidants and is well known for the yummy flavor. The fruit itself can be used as a puree or made into a juice or dried and then added as flavoring to an unspeakably delightful dessert. Even better, the raspberry can be used to make some delicious tarts, as the main ingredient in a cordial, or even jelly. The flavor has its admirers all over the world, from the North American continent to the deepest heart of Asia.


Raspberries have inspired many spirit manufacturers to include or sometimes even derive an alcohol based on its rich flavor. Some of the well known examples of this fruit in liquor are: Chambord's Black Raspberry Liqueur; big brands in Vodka like Stolichnaya, Vox, and Vincent Van Gogh, and even soda, water, or seltzers. All of these use the flavor of the raspberry to add a premium to the product. Beer and wine manufacturers use this delicious flavor as a secret ingredient to come up with exotic drinks that can be used as aperitifs and desserts. The raspberry can easily be blended into alcohol and dessert servings to make any meal a truly wonderful and satisfying experience for the taste buds.


What is it that makes this fruit so delicious and appealing? Its perennial availability is one of the foremost factors. Raspberry cultivators are more than happy to grow the fruit that is so plentiful and abundant. Raspberries grow easily and grow all year round. When it comes to manufacturing drinks, wine manufacturers and breweries making their own brands and selling them to a niche crowd, tend to experiment with the flavors of this wonderful fruit. Delicious on the palate, raspberries have become a favorite among wine aficionados. Smooth textured, sweet, and tangy to bite into, the raspberry flavor is now well accepted and established all over the world. It is the eternal summer flavor of choice for millions of fans across the globe.


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