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Rose's Lime Juice

Rose's lime juice is a popular product name for a concentrated lime juice. It is more commonly referred to as Rose's where a line of juice products were first patented during 1867. The brand has a colorful history and dates back during the war. Imagine sailors, ships, wars, isles... yes, that part of history. It takes you back to the rich heritage of why and how it was made.

History of Rose's Lime Juice

Coming from a prominent Scottish ship building family, Lauchlin Rose founded the L. Rose & Company in 1865 on Commercial Street Leith, Edinburgh. Having described himself as a simple lime and lemon juice merchant, he combined his keen business savvy and knowledge of the sea to develop a product that would be most useful to sailors then. Being a sailor had its curses. Staying onboard for a long while takes its toll on their health. Sicknesses would infect them due to lack of vitamin C. Scurvy has been a plague for most sailors onboard. In order to prevent sickness outbreaks, a load of limes or lime juice were brought and mixed with 15% rum were usually boarded for long expeditions. In 1867, Rose patented a method that would preserve the lime juice without the presence of any alcohol. It effectively stopped fermentation and was able to withstands the rigors of long travel. During that same year, the Merchant Shipping Act was passed and states that Royal Navy and Merchant ships, should bring lime juice for their crews daily rations to prevent diseases from spreading onboard. Because of this law, sailors started being called limeys. Sales boomed for Rose's company and Rose's lime juice started travelling around the world.


In 1924, Rose's grandson, Lauchlin Rose, came into the business and expanded. He built a venture in Ghana. He saw it as an alternate supply source of limes. Business has steadily increased for Rose's lime juice and during the war, it was somewhat seen as a target area. So the offices were moved to St. Albans in the northwest London area. However, in the beginning of the London blitz, the newly transferred location was bombed.

Used by professional bartenders

Rose's lime juice has been a staple in every bar. Fresh lime juice has some disappointing inconsistencies like being too sweet and juicy, sometimes they can be way too small, hard or just downright bitter which makes them unsuitable for making cocktails and mixed drinks. Having the unpredictability of fresh limes may greatly compromise the quality and flavor of the drink. Whereas Rose's has a steady consistent flavor that bartender's have come to rely on. It is light-bodied and moderate in tartness with that refreshing lime quality. A splash of this lime juice in cocktails adds that cool flavor without any hint of bitterness. Its consistent flavor makes it a good mixer for any cocktail.


Rose's lime juice has been the best selling product of the company making up 99% of lime juice sales in the United States. Schwepps purchased the company in 1957 and has expanded the product lines.

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