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Orange Bitters

The 411 on Orange Bitters

Orange Bitters is in the Bitters family, originating from unripe sour oranges that have been steeped in gin or another alcohol without adding any sugar. There are also various kinds of herbal essences inside that helps give the bitter flavor. This is not a very common bitters flavor but can be very delicious if you can locate it. It is not as herbal in flavor as some of the Angostura bitters are and packs a good punch in a cocktail if used correctly.

There are some Orange Bitters that offer some unique flavors and others that are steeped inside of a simply syrup instead of alcohol, offering a non-alcoholic alternative with otherwise the same effect. A standard orange is typically used but if you look hard enough, you can find ones that use mandarin or blood oranges for something different.

Cocktails with Orange Bitters

Orange Bitters is not your ordinary liquor so the drinks that you find using the ingredient are going to be anything but ordinary as well. If you add this to your arsenal behind the bar, you will likely impress more taste buds than just your own.


The San Francisco Cocktail is constructed inside of a cocktail shaker and then poured into any glass, though a martini glass is preferred if you have it. Add ¾ ounce each of Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth and Sloe Gin. Then add a dash of Orange Bitters and a dash of regular Bitters. Fill the cocktail shaker the remainder of the way with ice. Shake for about a minute or until the shaker is ice cold to the touch. Strain, garnish with a cherry and serve.


You can also make the Charlie's Angel, which gets made inside of a tall glass. Fill the glass halfway with ice. Add a shot of Mezcal (you can use tequila, too), a shot of Grand Marnier and a dash of Orange Bitters. Then add three ounces of orange juice and three ounces of grapefruit juice. Mix up the ingredients. Then add three ounces of soda water on top. Squeeze a lime wedge on top and drop it in before you serve it.


Try creating your own with the basis of a sugar cube at the bottom of a glass. Put a few drops of Orange Bitters on top – about five drops. Then top it with champagne, white wine or a variety of other combinations that meets the approval of your taste buds.

Where to Buy Orange Bitters

Your liquor store may offer the Orange Bitters if they are big enough. It usually comes in a little bottle and will be with all of the other Bitters. Ask one of the employees because they may keep it behind the counter simply because it is small enough that someone could pocket.


If the liquor store near you doesn't offer the Orange Bitters, head to a liquor shop online. Here you can find different brands, different flavors and different sizes. Shopping online gives you the opportunity to price shop and compare for the lowest price between different stores. Don't forget to factor in shipping and handling, too.

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