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Orange Marmalade

Making your own Orange Marmalade


If you have never had Orange Marmalade you are truly missing out. The fruit preserve is often used as jam or jelly and is made out of all natural and simple ingredients. Water, sugar and your choice of citrus fruits will produce your own marmalade that you can make right in your own kitchen. To make your own marmalade you need to make sure you have a few ingredients before beginning. You need about 8 whole orange, water or orange juice, pectin, sugar, a large pot, a large spoon or ladle and a jar to put the marmalade in once complete.


To make the best Orange Marmalade you want to wash your fruit thoroughly and make sure the peeling and rind is off of each orange completely. You want to slice your oranges up in thin slices first starting my slicing the whole orange in half and then cutting smaller pieces from there. From there you want to chop up the orange slices as much as you can and be careful of all the juice straining. You then measure out the sugar and mix that up with the pectin. You want to cook the fruit on the stove and you can choose to include the peels with your fruit.


To complete the Orange Marmalade you just add the sugar and pectin mix to the fruit on the stove and bring it to a boil. Let it cool and thicken up and then simply put the mix into a jar to let cool and set in. Within a couple of hours you will have your very own homemade marmalade that can be used as a spread, cooking ingredient, or even cake or pastry topping. Find your recipe for marmalade and try it on your favorite food today.  


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