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Summer Time, Funner Time With A Light Beer!

Everyone has their own summer time favorite when it comes to a light beer. There are so many different brands and flavors, it really is such a personal choice. Although there are some beers that claim to be the best and others that bully you into believing they are the best by charging outrageously high prices, it really just comes down to what you enjoy.


Light beers all have their own place within the market. Some are said to have the fewest calories, others insist that they taste fuller than others. The target of any light beer is to find their niche among the many, many thousands of beers out there and above all, marketing, marketing, marketing. Light beer comes either in reduced alcohol content or reduced calorie, or a combination of both.


Light beer has an advantage over regular beer in certain niche markets, especially those whose consumers are looking out for additional carbohydrate content or calories. They tend to be more popular among women and people who are more calorie conscious. Although, it can also be somewhat conceiving to the individual who is drinking it merely as a way of cutting calories. In reality, the most caloric thing about beer is the alcohol that is contained within it. So, unless you are significantly cutting out or doing away with the alcoholic content, you are really not doing that much to change the overall calories contained within the beer itself.


Light beer that has reduced alcohol has significantly less than regular beer. Depending upon the country that is distributing the light beer, the alcohol content is different

  • Australia regular beer has 5% ABV, light beer has 2.2-3.2%
  • United States Bud light, Coors Light and Miller Lite have 4.2% ABV, regular beer has 5% ABV
  • Canada light beer contains 2.6-4.0% ABV and "extra light" beer contains less than 2.5%
  • United States has some states that are only permitted to sell light beer: Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Utah. Supermarkets and convenience stores can only sell beer that is 4.0% ABV, which is called "low-point beer" or "three-two beer"

Reduced calorie light beer is done by reducing the carbohydrate content and a small reduction in the alcohol content.

  • Bud Light contains 110 calories per 12-ounces
  • Coors Light contains 102
  • Miller Lite contains 92
  • Budweiser Select contains 99
  • Budweiser Select 55 contains only 55

Seeing a rise in the want and need for light beer, beer manufacturers have all been striving to reduce their calorie content. There are a various range of new product lines that are solely dedicated to a better tasting less caloric beer for the average beer drinker. Many beer drinkers insist that reduced calorie or alcohol content light beers taste watered down, or are lacking in true beer flavor all together. So targeting a light beer that tastes as good as a regular remains the true objective for many major beer companies. Although manufacturers want you to believe that the benefits are great from drinking a lighter beer, the reality is that they may not be that great.

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