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Is Dark Beer Better Than Light Beer?

Drinking beer is popular at many different social events and in different settings. There are many different preferences of what people like to drink whether they are at a bar or at a party. Beers can be placed into two separate general categories – light or dark. Whether you are ordering a dark or light beer, you will find that beer is something that can be drunk at anytime of the year.


While many light beers are lighter colors and sometimes maybe even white in color, dark beers vary in color from a darker, amber color to a dark, brown coffee color. Dark beers are also higher in calories and are more dense that a light beer. You will probably notice that people drink dark beer slower, because of how dense and filling it is. Dark beers are known by the names of stout and porter.


Dark beers, or malts, will have flavors that will remind you of coffee, chocolate, and toffee. The heavier flavors of dark beers make it more of a winter beverage than summer. You will find that many people prefer to drink lighter beers in the summer, because of the more refreshing taste, and lighter consistency.


There are different thoughts on whether light beer or dark beer is better for you to drink. Dark beers have a higher level of flavanoids, which possess powerful antioxidants. B6 is one of the most powerful antioxidants that is found in dark beer. Vitamin B6 is linked to preventing heart diseases and vascular diseases.


Dark beer is used as an ingredient in many recipes for food, such as chili, stews, and chicken, but there are many cocktails that you can create using dark beer. Most times when dark beer is used in a cocktail, it will lighten up the beer, depending on what you use. Try a Black Velvet, which is a mix of half stout beer and half champagne. Another favorite is a Bee Sting, which is a mix of half dark beer and half orange juice.


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