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Dark Beer Negra Modelo

What is Negra Modelo?

A popular beer in Mexico, Negra Modelo has been a dark beer option for people who like Mexican beer for many years. It is known to be an example of the Vienna style of lager – a type of beer that has been replaced with lighter styles of beer in Europe early in the 20th century. So if you are a fan of dark beer, or you like a dark beer every now and then, you should consider trying a Negra Modelo.


Highly rated by its fans and reviewers, Negra Modelo has a great taste, and it is somewhat less harsh than other dark beers. It does have a slightly bitter flavor that some people may not like, but it is a great, easy-drinking amber lager that will pair well with many Mexican dishes. The malt and caramel flavors of the beer will take on the best chile rellenos and steak fajitas.


Negra Modelo is produced by the Mexican brewery, Grupo Modelo, which owns 63% of the Mexican beer market. They brew and export beer to the United Kingdom, the United Sates, and Canada. They also have beers that they make specifically just for their domestic market in Mexico. Negra Modelo was first introduced to the market in 1926 and is packaged in a strangely shaped, wide brown bottle with the trademark gold label that people have come to know so well.


A great beer drink, which is popular in Mexico and contains Negra Modelo, is the Michelada. This is a drink that not everyone will like, but if you are looking for something different and interesting to try, then this is your drink.


To make this drink you start with a dark Mexican beer, like Negra Modelo, rim a glass with salt, and squeeze the juice from one large lime into the glass. Then the interesting part of the drink comes next. Add a few splashes each of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and a good hot sauce to the glass. Pour the beer into the glass and stir well. Drink and enjoy!


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