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Dry Champagne

Dry Champagne

You may have asked yourself what classifies Champagne as being dry. The way Champagne is processed will determine the classification of dry or brut. A Dry Champagne has more sugar or sweetness in its content while Champagnes labeled as Brut Champagne are not as sweet to the taste.


Though Champagne is in the wine family, it does carry a classification all its own. Even there are people confusing Champagne as a bubbly wine. This is a misconception as there is a distinct difference between the two.


Champagne originated in Champagne, France and has grown in popularity for centuries. The process is a two step process unlike the production of wine that is a one step procedure. Adding yeast and rock sugar to the second procedure adds more flavor along with the bubbles to the final step.


After several years of negotiations between several government agencies and France, it was agreed upon the labeling of any bottles with the word Champaign would not be used except for the place of origin which is Champaign, France. Unfortunately, there are many sparkling wines today all over the world misusing the label of Champaign.


Just as there is a difference in the taste of Dry Champagne and Brut Champagne, price differences are staggering! Depending on the process as well as the winery producing the popular grape liquid, someone can spend as little as $15 a bottle to an astounding $1000 a bottle depending on the vintage.


Dry Champaign can be bought in many places but the only true Champaign is made in Champaign, France and has a very distinct aroma and unique flavor all its own. So the next time you want to purchase a bottle of this kind of bubbly remember to look for the winery producing this blend and you will know you have the real deal.

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