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Strawberry Schnapps

Strawberry Schnapps is one of the easiest things that you can keep at your bar to get a whole world of different cocktails out of. Schnapps is a syrup style liqueur that has been made from a neutral grain spirit with the strawberry fruit flavor mixed in. Depending upon the brand that you buy, it can have an alcohol content anywhere between 15% and 50%. Once you figure out where you can buy it, you can make as many strawberry cocktails as you want for yourself, family, and friends.

Where You'll Find Strawberry Schnapps

Strawberry Schnapps is a common flavor, so you can find it in just about any liquor store. It is going to be in the section of the "liqueurs" because of the added sugar content. When you are searching for a bottle, you will notice a few things. The first is that it is probably cheaper than you would have anticipated – this is because, while it does contain liquor, it is still considered a mix-in and not overly potent. The second is that, depending on the liquor store you're at, there are multiple brands to choose from. There is no right or wrong with brands on schnapps, so pick one that is in your price range.

How to Incorporate Strawberry Schnapps into a Cocktail

There can be a fair amount of sugar inside of Strawberry Schnapps, so unless you like things really sugary, you can usually omit the simple syrup out of any cocktail when you are using Schnapps in its place. Taste the flavors before you start mixing it into cocktails at random. This will help you to create some of your own concoctions instead of always following recipes. Since it does have alcohol, it's a great way to add strawberry flavoring without "watering down" the cocktail with juices or simple syrups.


You can add Strawberry Schnapps into a glass of lemon lime soda over the rocks for a version of Italian soda with a little kick. You can also mix it in the blender with sweet cream and your choice of vodka or rum for a strawberry milkshake for adults.


Strawberry Schnapps is seen particularly in the world of shots because it adds a quick punch that most shots are looking for. You can create your own, though there are quite a few common ones that you can make as long as you have the other ingredients.


The Tickle Me Elmo is made with the Strawberry Schnapps as well as vodka, lemon lime soda and Cherry Pucker. You can also make what is known as a banana split. This is Strawberry and Banana Schnapps, Crème de Cocoa, and pineapple juice with a melon ball sized scoop of ice-cream. You can also make this in a larger scale in the blender and serve it like a milkshake. There is also a starburst, with orange juice, schnapps and grenadine.

Get creative and make your own cocktails and shots with the Strawberry Schnapps. Once you understand the flavor profile, you can make as many flavors as your imagination allows.

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