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Root Beer Schnapps

American schnapps has a considerable amount of sugar and flavorings that make it sweet. It is classified as more of a liqueur because of its sugar content as compared to the German counterpart that does not add sugar. These are alcoholic beverages that have a mixture of neutral grain spirit with fruit or other flavors. It is then bottled along with sugar and glycerine to produce a syrupy smooth drink. American schnapps has come out with several interesting flavors such as butterscotch, sour apple, apricot, banana, blackberry, cinnamon, and root beer schnapps.


Ever thought of making root beer schnapps at home? Here's a quick and easy way of making your own. You will need the following:


  • 1 cup of very hot water
  • ¾ cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of vodka
  • ½ a teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon of root beer concentrate


First, dissolve the sugar in hot water. After the sugar is dissolved, add vodka, vanilla and root beer concentrate together and stir very well. Then store in a container and chill. And there you have it, your very own homemade root beer schnapps.


Root beer schnapps are added to a lot of cocktails, shooters and long drinks. Here are some drink suggestions:


Bottle Cap Shooter – lime juice, amaretto, root beer schnapps

Buckshot – rum, root beer schnapps

Depth Charge – beer, root beer schnapps

George's Puke – amaretto, root beer schnapps

Gravity Wave – Jagermeister, Bailey's Irish Cream, root beer schnapps

Harley Oil – Jagermeister, root beer schnapps

Jack Hammer – Jack Daniel's whisky, root beer schnapps

Jager Shake – Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto, cola, Jagermeister, root beer schnapps

Key West Root beer – Jagermeister, cola, root beer schnapps

Lunch Box – orange juice, beer, root beer schnapps

No Respect – Southern Comfort whisky, root beer schnapps

Root beer Float #3– cream, cola, root beer schnapps

Steam Shovel – vodka, vanilla extract, root beer schnapps

The Jewel – chocolate liqueur, Avalanche peppermint schnapps, root beer schnapps


Adam Bomb #2 – Malibu Rum, cola, milk, vodka, root beer schnapps

Attitude Adjustment – Bailey's Irish Cream, Southern Comfort, root beer


Bottle Cap – raspberry liqueur, cola, sweet and sour mix, root beer schnapps

Jager Barrel – Jagermeister, cola, root beer schnapps

Jim Morrison – cola, Jagermeister, root beer schnapps

Kaisermeister – Jagermeister, root beer schnapps

Pirate's Float – cola, spiced rum, root beer schnapps

Robitussin – cherry vodka, root beer schnapps

Root Beer Barrel – beer, root beer schnapps

Root Beer Float #2 – lager, root beer schnapps

Slacker's Slammer – ice cream, root beer, vodka, root beer schnapps

Long drinks

Alternate Root – ice, orange juice, root beer schnapps

Brittle Fracture – 7-up, root beer schnapps

Dog Biscuit – 7-up, Bailey's Irish Cream, cinnamon schnapps, root beer schnapps

Easy Root Beer Float – root beer, vanilla schnapps, root beer schnapps

R-Float Recipe – Bailey's Irish Cream, 7-up, cola, root beer schnapps

Root Canal – Dr. Pepper, peppermint schnapps, root beer schnapps

Just like any other hard drinks, root beer schnapps usually have 40% alcohol. It is rare to find a drink with an alcohol content higher than 40% although it is easier to find varieties with lower alcohol contents in the market. Schnapps are usually drunk on its own, neat, or with ice. The different flavors are widely used for mixing cocktails.


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