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Party like a Rockstar with this Bachelor Party Checklist

Planning the best bachelor party requires proper organization and careful planning, but the time and effort in doing so will make sure that the results will be unforgettable. So get the groom and your best buddies because it's time for a smashing bachelor party that will be remembered for the years to come!

Avoid the stresses and worries of throwing a boring bachelor party with this quick stag party checklist:


  • Date

First and foremost is choosing a date for the stag party. Ask the groom about when the mandatory wedding ceremonies will occur so that the schedules won't be conflicted. It's also a must to inform the other stag party attendees about the wedding event date in advance so that they'll be able to make plans accordingly. Remember that if you don't have a set date, then you won't be able to make any other concrete plans. Therefore, you should choose a date efficiently and quickly.


  • Place

Now that the date is out of the question, you may proceed with choosing one or several venues for the event. This is also the time to settle on how you plan the night to go. So ask yourself, do you plan to start the night with some dinner or go directly to partying with the guys? After determining how the evening will run, you may begin piecing the puzzles together to get a preview of how the bachelor bash will flow.


  • Transportation

If you and your buddies will be traveling to several venues, you might want to consider hiring a type of chauffeured transportation such as a limousine. This kind of transportation may be cost extra, but it will make sure that you, the groom, and your attendees shall get to your destinations in time and in style. Moreover, it will make certain that you and the boys will be traveling safe to every party spot, since there will be drinking throughout the night. The event is very special so it's only natural that you and your buddies would want to party the night away. But remember that there's still a tomorrow, and you wouldn't want to wake up in a prison or in a hospital after a night of fun, right?


  • Entertainment for Adults

Want to surprise and tease the groom with some tempting, naughty adult entertainment? Well, depending on the place you're in, there are usually two good options for that matter. One is to drop by a strip club and two is to take one or a couple of adult entertainers to the venue. If you choose to take entertainers with you to the venue, it will be easier to modify the look and feel of the party. Whether it's the old hot policewoman and sexy nurse routine, the groom will surely be smiling throughout his bachelor party.


  • Accommodation

Don't forget that accommodations are always as significant as your bachelor bash. So you should make sure that you and your guests have either a nice room to crash in or a safe ride back home. This will help make sure that the bachelor party ends nicely.
Taking care of the slightest detail will get rid of the stresses and worries of the event night, and a bachelor party that flows smoothly means more fun for everyone!

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